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Military Miniatures in Review is a bimonthly magazine featuring kit and figure reviews, how-to articles, painting guides, and much more!
Allied-Axis is a quarterly magazine featuring over 100 captioned photographs of vehicles, uniforms, and equipment from the Second World War.
The Visual History Series are single-subject reference books featuring over 200 photographs of military vehicles, both in action and in detail.
Attention: Sherman fans, freaks, mavens, aficionados, devotees and buffs! Coming soon!



Ampersand is pleased to announce a monster release list for May and June—six great publications in 60 days!

Part One - Available Now!
Sherman Tankdozer • sFH 18 15cm Howitzer Part Two • M23 Ammunition Trailer
Ninety-six pages. $15.95.
The M48 Patton, a Primer: Part Two: The M48A2 and M48A2C. • The Little Tractor that Rocks: The Pit Road IJA Type 98 4t Prime Mover Shi-Ke. • Dust(er) in the Wind: Blown away by AFV Club’s M42 Duster. • Pint sized Puma: Gettin’ teeny with the Italeri/Tamiya kit. • Pocket size Puncher: Tamiya’s New Type 10. • Heavy Lift’n: Tasca’s Sweet M32B1! • A T-90 Tale: A story of steel and styrene. • Red Leg! Red Leg! This is Bravo Six: Bronco’s 155mm Howitzer (Vietnam).
Eighty pages. $9.95.
A Visual History of the D7 Tractor In U.S. Army Service 1941-1953
One hundred twenty pages, 130 b&w photos and over 60 color photos. $22.95. 

Panzer-Abteilung 40 in Finland • 5cm PAK 38 • 7.5cm le.IG 18 Infantry Gun
Ninety-six pages, $15.95.
The M103, a Primer: Part One.• Beautiful Bofors, Times Two: Looking at the AFV Club kits. • Get your Goat: The Tamiya Gama-Goat. • Ma.K’n it up as I go: Building Wave’s KetzeR. • Ha-Go-a-Go-Go: The Return of the Smart Kit. • Patton, pathologically: Dragon’s M48A3. • Thrilling Drilling: AFV Club’s Sd.Kfz. 251/21 Ausf. D “Drilling.” • Great Leapin’ Leopard: Meng’s Leopard 1 A3/A4. • Model Citizen: 29th Infantry Division Bar Gunner.
Eighty pages. $9.95.

A Visual History of the Mack Wheeled Prime Movers In U.S. Army Service 1940-1958
One hundred twelve pages, over 180 b&w photos. $19.95.